Don’t forget to set up your account.

Don’t forget to set up your account.

With this new website there is a slight change in public access to blog posts and teaching content. Without an account you will be able to access the first paragraph and first image on each blog post only. If you’d like to have access to entire content of each blog post you will need to have an account on the website.

Setting up an account, in it’s simplest form, you provide a name and email address and that’s all. I will use your email address to send notifications of new sewing patterns, blog posts and online pattern making training. Your account will also log all your purchases in case you’re unsure of which patterns you have already bought and so you don’t end up duplicating purchases.

In the future, your account will permit you greater access to teaching videos and more detailed sewing and pattern making training. At all times the settings in your account are yours to alter and refine as you see fit.

Studio Faro will not hold any of your financial details as they remain safe with Paypal. We will not use your contact details to send unwanted, or unrelated information. Nor will we sell that detail onto a third party.

If you have any questions about the new set-up, don’t hesitate to email me –

Anita McAdam
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