Learn Pattern Making using my Online Resources

Learn Pattern Making using my Online Resources

In this post I hope to link up some of the illustration and patternmaking resources I have on the website so you can plan your pattern making creativity over the summer break.  These suggestions are a combination of free access blog posts, digital product you can buy and download and members blog posts with extra pattern making information.

My Womens Knit Block 6-16 is ready to use when you try the pattern making worksheet for Jersey Twist Pattern Making Worksheet (Download).  Remember when you’re checking your knit block for fit it should be at least body measurement or max. 4cm negative ease.  In the members area you’ll find a chart and some instructions about checking your knit block before making your first pattern. Fit Rules and Body Measurements – Knits


You can then follow-up with this next level Jersey Twist well-suited blog post:  Pattern Fundamentals – COWL TWIST JERSEY.  When you extend your knit block to dress length please pay particular attention to achieving a good shape over the hip curve of the dress.

If you’re looking for more fabulous stretch pattern designs to make with your Knit Block there’s a curated post that links to all relevant pattern puzzles. Making the Most of My Knit Block

More on the vintage theme can be found here in this blog post Vintage Patterns with My Fitted Dress Block and my Womens Fitted DRESS Block Sizes 6-16.

You can learn my fashion illustration technique using my FASHION ILLUSTRATION Worksheet 2ndEd (Download) and watching the matching Fashion Illustration youtube videos that take you every step of the way.

My TROUSER Block Sizes 6-16 to be used with my worksheet Trouser Block FITTING TUTORIAL Worksheet (Download).

My CORSET Block Sizes 6-16 that you can use to cut these interesting corset styles Corset Basics (Download).

If you’re into a little vintage there’s a self-draft dress bodice – VINTAGE Style Pattern Making – Self Draft (download).  You can then add a circle skirt using my Circle and Direct Draft Skirts (Download) worksheet.

If you enjoy the self-draft experience there’s a dedicated worksheet SKIRT DRAFT and PENCIL SKIRT Pattern (download) for you to draft your own skirt block then turn it into a classic pencil skirt.

Or you could download my Skirt Block Sizes 6-16 and use this blog post DESIGN OPTIONS for my Skirt Block to draft your own skirt patterns.  If your up for a skirt challenge you can try this free blog post: DRAPE SKIRT PATTERNS using my Skirt Block.

If you fancy your skirts in a stretch fabric you’ll find all the detail to make your own STRETCH SKIRT Block and Design Options.  This new block is the beginning of many of my pattern puzzles featured on the well-suited blog.

If you work with my resources I’d love to feature your work on the blog or social media.  Let me know and send a few photos. Or join my Facebook group (STUDIO FARO MAKERS) for creative pattern making discussions.

Anita McAdam
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