Drape Skirt Patterns using my Skirt Block

Drape Skirt Patterns using my Skirt Block

Moving beyond your first skirt patterns to drape skirt patterns:  To work with these more complex skirt patterns you would need to have confidence in your skirt block.  By that I mean you know if fits because you’ve used it to make number of skirt patterns.   A small fitting or shape error in your basic skirt block will have some impact on outcome of these skirts.  Try my graded set of skirt blocks for any of these delicious drape skirt patterns.  Or you can try this pattern for yourself.  You’ll find my Drape Gather Skirt Sizes 6-22 on the website as a PDF download.

Pattern Puzzle – Pinstripe Panel Skirt

Using my skirt block you can cut many interesting panels into your skirt patterns.

First Sample – Pinstripe Panel Skirt

Learn the potential of manipulating your grain line to get exciting effects with the pinstripe fabric.

Pattern Puzzle – CJ Drape Skirt

Charles James has inspired at least three different blog posts on ‘well-suited’.  He brings a tailored elegance reminiscent of the 1950’s.

From the archive of studiofaro-wellsuited.blogspot:

Pattern Puzzle – Dior Draped Skirt

Ah, Dior the master!  I feel privileged to have access to such inspiring designs.

Pattern Puzzle – Tucked Drape Skirt

A chance to try a little dart transfer and drape for flat pattern making in skirt patterns.

Pattern Puzzle – Skirt Twist

Elegant and very recent!  Have a go at this fashion-forward drape skirt pattern.

Pattern Puzzle – Homage to Charles James 1950

Once again inspired by the talented Charles James.  Suitable for evening or red carpet events. 😉

Pattern Puzzle – Ruche Skirt with Fishtail

One of my earliest pattern puzzles, this skirt continues to fascinate.

Which of these drape skirt designs is your favourite?  Have you tried to make any of the pattern puzzle designs?  If so then join my FB group STUDIO FARO MAKERS.  Or return to the website to Become a Member and enjoy many more pattern making posts.  And don’t forget to checkout all the garment blocks that are now available to use with my well-suited blog posts.

Anita McAdam
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