Design Options for my Skirt Block

Design Options for my Skirt Block

This is another in the post series where I curate my many blog posts so you can use them to self-train at your own pace.  This post is focussed on my basic skirt block and I’ve listed all the pattern puzzle posts that use this block.  Because there are so many posts, I’ve decided to separate the designs that need a stretch skirt block and I’ll be featuring them in a separate post.  And my more demanding drape skirt patterns will be posted separately.

Starting with your own Basic Skirt Block:

Skirt Block Sizes 6-16  My blocks will always be supplied with No Seam Allowances (N.S.A.).  When I make the great variety of patterns required by my clients, the choice of seam allowance is always specific to each design.  It’ll be determined by the fabric choice, the method of construction and the pricepoint in their target market.

Skirt Draft and Pencil Skirt Pattern (download) – if the sizes offered in my blocks don’t cover your needs, you can draft your own skirt block using this pattern making worksheet.

For your very first skirt patterns, start here:

Pattern Puzzle – The Morticia Skirt  Three of the Morticia Skirt patterns use my skirt block to achieve the final pattern.  The balance of the skirt drafting is covered by direct draft methods for circles and multi-panel skirts.

Pattern Puzzle – Drape Skirt  These pattern making instructions are ideal for one of your first skirt patterns.  Starting with the basic skirt block you’ll create a panel seam to hold your drape and slash and spread to achieve the two sided drape that will make this skirt design stand out in the crowd.

Pattern Fundamentals – Drape Skirt II  Another candidate for your very first skirt pattern, the simple but elegant drape in this design with take your skirt pattern making to the next level.

Pattern Puzzle – Rectangle Drape Skirt  With this skirt design you’ll be pushing the envelope slightly in the method you use to insert drape into your skirt.  The design also offers the opportunity to use colour and fabric blocking in the drape to take your skirt to the next level.

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Anita McAdam
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